QR Code Generator – فناپ‌تک
QR Code Generator

This product allows for online payment through electronic wallets in two methods of QR code and NFC. The device can both generate and read QR codes to allow this method of payment. Furthermore, the device can operate as a stand-alone where it is directly connected to a cash register to receive payments that are suitable for supermarkets, newsstands, recreation centers, taxis, etc.

  • Instant QR code generation
  • Equipped with two screens
  • Optional WIFI and GPRS modules
  • More cost-efficient than POS
  • Efficiency and simplicity in payments
  • No need for cards or passwords
  • Customizable in the desired color
  1. Generating codes and accessing payments for electronic wallets
  2. Maximizing speed for payments
  3. In accordance with social distancing and public health
  4. No need for a password
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