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Ramsun Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

Ramsun RVM allows transactions to users’ accounts in high volume and speed. Identifying the real and fake bank bills through factors such as thickness, CIS, magnetic stripe, and UV and infrared rays is 100% possible with this device. The device can reduce the volume of work bank tellers experience every day while also preventing the security-sanitary risks that follow the exchange of bank bills.

  • Android core processor and touch screen
  • Authenticating users through PCI Certified credit card and password and smart identification card and its password
  • Instant transaction of money to the user’s bank account (accounts from the device provider bank)
  • Processing 750 bank bills per minute
  • Accepting 200 bank bills in every transaction
  • Defining new bank bills
  • Having the escrow space to retrieve the money in case the user relinquishes
  • Capacity for 10,000 bank bills in the secure bag inside the safe
  1. Providing 75mm thermal receipt
  2. Thermal and vibration sensors that can recognize potential attacks
  3. Adding to the card services such as account balance, transactions, invoices, bill payments, passwords, etc.
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