Self-Ordering Kiosk – Fanap Tech
Artan: SOK

This is a device used in restaurants, food courts, pharmacies, etc., which does not require an operator. The orders are placed by customers themselves through the devices’ touchscreen. Specific payment modules such as electronic payment can allow the completion of the order. The machine can produce receipts, give statistics and information on the menu/products, prevent too many orders placements, and send the placed orders to the cash register/kitchen or storage.

  • Full HD touch screen
  • 80 mm thermal printer
  • Secure keyboard (EPP)
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, LTE
  • Supporting credit and debit cards
  • Payments through digital wallets and QR code
  • Central content management and monitoring software
  • Ability to connect to Sepidz, Sepand, and Arya software
  • Ability to play advertisements
  1. More accuracy and speed in incoming orders and reservations
  2. Decrease in customers’ waiting time
  3. Helpful for social distancing and sanitation
  4. Order placement, concentrated payment, and divisions of the paid expenses in food courts
  5. Usable for hospitals, movie theaters, hotels, and airports
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