12V-100Ah Battery - Fanap Tech
12V-100Ah Battery

FanapTech’s 12V 100Ah Battery is manufactured with the latest technology available and is used in UPS systems, emergency electricity, transmission systems, medical equipment, alarm, and fire alarm systems. It is made from acid lead, VRLA, AGM technology, and the cover are ABS fireproof.

Under the standard conditions, the battery will be usable for 5 years. The battery resistance in 20° is less than 8 mΩ. The self-discharge for the same temperature is 3% of the rated capacity for each month.

  • UPS systems
  • Emergency electricity
  • Transmission systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Toys
  • Electronic motorcycles
  • Electronic bicycles
  • Alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
Control these parameters to extend the battery's life
  1. Room temperature
  2. Voltage rate and charging flow
  3. Discharging cycle
  4. Weak connections
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