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About us

FanapTech (Pasargad Aryan Arvand IT) is the first company to manufacture POS in Iran. The company had released its first product in 2015 in the city of Khorramshahr. Ever since the company has endeavored to provide innovative hardware-based solutions to improve smart life in software designs/ solutions related to banking systems, spare parts of POS devices, repairs, refurbishing, manufacturing thermal papers, and manufacturing batteries and UPS.

Fanap Holding acquired an exclusive agency from the Taiwanese company Castles in 2014. A year later, to manufacture banking hardware and develop software locally, the company founded Pasargad Aryan Arvand IT, also known as ArvanTech. The project commenced producing POS devices under Castles license in the free region of Arvand in Khorramshahr.

In 2016, the first POS device was produced in the production line. Other innovative products were then designed following the market’s needs, including the thermal paper rolls used in POS devices, ATMs, and store receipts.

The following year, it redesigned its business plan and integrated the service-oriented Fanap Payment with Pasargad Electronic Payment company. The name, thus, changed to FanapTech.

The company provides customer service for spare parts of POS devices, thermal paper rolls, batteries, and UPS.

FanapTech lines of activity:

  • Manufacturing payment equipment (POS, PIN Pad, etc.)
  • Manufacturing Bank Equipment (Gift Card Kiosks, etc.)
  • Service Kiosks (Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, etc.)
  • Manufacturing thermal paper rolls
  • Manufacturing batteries and UPS (since 2019)

FanapTech and the Future

FanapTech’s plan goes beyond the innovation in banking and payment methods nationwide. The company has always tried to support the less fortunate regions of the country. The company tries to incorporate the knowledge and capabilities of national experts to improve people’s daily experience of digital life. Having considered the current needs of the market, around 10000 square meters of space is being added to the production area of the industrial plant by the company.

This much investment in creating more innovative products and coming up with digital banking and payment solutions helps increase the employment rate of the people residing in the less fortunate areas.

FanapTech believes in employing creative human capital and tries to manage knowledge acquisition and sharing while promoting a solution-oriented and knowledge-based attitude in the field of hardware to become a knowledge enterprise.

Main Fields of Activities in FanapTech

Banking and Payment Solutions

FanapTech is the first manufacturer of POS devices in Iran. Recently, the company produced different models of POS devices, including portable ones and QR code generator devices.

New POS devices will be added to gas stations in the upcoming year. Various kiosk products include cashless ATMs, gift cards, CRS, and online currency exchanges. One of the most prominent ones is the installation of POS devices in CNG stations which was carried out successfully last year with the help of the NIORDC organization. Furthermore, thermal paper rolls in different sizes are produced for different POS devices and regularly presented to the market.

Energy and Battery

Energy is one of the most essential areas of FanapTech business. As the world is turning toward green energy more and more, manufacturing batteries and other relevant products are the priority in the company’s activities.

Software Development

Providing solutions based on the manufactured hardware is the main mission of FanapTech. For this purpose, the company has established a software unit within its premises since 2019. Softwares of produced POS, cashless ATMs, kiosk gift cards, TMS, and Channel Manager are the software developed by the designated unit.

Lifestyle Products

Developing software that would facilitate the smart lifestyle is another one of FanapTech’s goals. For this purpose, the infrastructures have been set up previously to begin manufacturing products that ease access to a digital lifestyle, such as routers, tablets, android boxes, and CCTVs.

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