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Cashless ATM

The device is also known as Retail Teller Machine and carries out all tasks of an ATM except for delivering cash to users. The benefits include 2D Bar Code reader through mobile phone’s NFC. Authentication is possible through smart ID card or fingerprint. The device can be customized for internal or external spaces.

  • Scanning bar code and QR code
  • Network connection: Ethernet or Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Supporting NFC technology
  • Providing services relevant to bank cards and accounts (account balance, transactions, bills, and password changes)
  • Bill payments and operating services’ charge purchase, charity payments
  • Charging citizen wallets (e-tickets)
  • Fingerprint scan and smart contactless card reader
  1. Easy installation and relocation
  2. Customizable design
  3. Covers the requirements needed by banks, offices, and complexes, 24h banking service
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